Why consider natural options over steroid creams?

If you suffer from eczema, you know itching, scratching, dryness and inflammation.  

A popular treatment prescribed for eczema is a topical steroid cream. Use it too often and you build a tolerance to the treatment, requiring stronger and stronger steroids. In the long term this can cause skin atrophy, damage your skin barrier (making you more sensitive) and can cause steroid induced eczema! Steroid induced eczema is so common that support groups have formed to cheer sufferers on as they withdraw from steroids. Type #tsw within Instagram or "topical steroid withdrawal" for web and other social networks to find support and to learn more about the condition. Here is some thorough, if scary, reading 

Are there options for healing? YES!

Satya Organic Eczema Skin Care has provided many eczema sufferers long-term relief from symptoms of unbearable itching, dryness and inflammation. Satya is made with 5 natural ingredients selected by traditional knowledge and scientific research.

Here is one eczema sufferer’s experience of relief with natural solutions, Satya.


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