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Kokom Scrunchies - Traditional Indigenous Pattern

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Handmade with love, Kokom Scrunchies are made from traditional Indigenous kokum scarves  floral-patterned scarves that are usually worn as a head covering by Indigenous elders.

Every Kokom Scrunchie is designed and handmade by the talented Mya Beaudry, a 10-year-old entrepreneur from Kitigan Zibi Reserve near Gatineau, Quebec! Kokom Scrunchies began in June 2020 at a time when Mya was supposed to host a dance competition at the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival in Ottawa. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced the event to be cancelled and Mya was left with what was supposed to be the prize: a kokum scarf. Turning an unfortunate situation into a thriving business idea, Mya decided to combine her leftover kokum scarf with her love of scrunchies, and thus, Kokom Scrunchies was born!

To honour her teachers, Mya names each scrunchie after women in her life that have guided and shared teachings with her throughout her journey.

The Mum Scrunchie is meant to represent all the kokums in everyone's life. Named after the family's matriarch, this scrunchie is for the ones who keep everyone together, our first teachers. Mum represents strength, courage, love, and guidance.

The Celina Scrunchie is dedicated to Mya's good friend and big sister Celina. Whether it be in the pow wow circle or on the snowboarding trail, Celina inspires Mya to always strive to be her best and go after her goals. Celina embodies kindness, leadership, and big hugs.