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It’s been a year since Patrice Mousseau pitched Satya Organic’s soothing eczema relief to the fire-slaying venture capitalists known as the Dragons, on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. How has business changed since? We sat down with Patrice to find out.


Looking back, how do you think the pitch went?

I think ultimately everyone understood the value in what Satya Organic is doing for people. I’ve been very close to my customers right from the start, whether I was giving the product away to other Moms on my Mommy Facebook groups in the early days, or talking to people at farmers markets, I know how my product lands with people and how it’s helped them, and I think that came across on the show. Vince, Dragon Vincenzo Guzzo, got this right away. The final cut was edited down so you don’t see it, but Vince made the offer within five minutes of my pitch. That’s pretty good!

Looking back over the past year, how has your appearance on Dragons Den helped Satya?

The show has been great for getting the Satya story out into the world. We definitely notice an uptick in website traffic when our episode reruns on CBC, and when the show launched on Netflix. It’s always introducing Satya to a new audience.

I love getting reviews from customers who discovered Satya on the show, like this one:

"I watched Dragon's Den and saw the episode with Satya Organic Skin Care. I have NEVER bought anything from watching this show but after seeing PATRICE and her product, I knew that I had to make a purchase. I developed Eczema almost two years ago on my hands. There are several patches that are very uncomfortable. I have tried SEVERAL over-the-counter creams and prescriptions but nothing really helps me, until now. SATYA eczema relief is fantastic. I am overwhelmed at how much better I feel and how my hands look. This product is a miracle and I can only thank Patrice for being the best mother ever to come up with a product for her daughter that was effective and safe. She deserves the mother of the year award."

How has the business changed since?

Satya Organic has continued on its trajectory of more than doubling growth every year. Dragons’ Den was a nice bump to that. People were always telling me to go on the show, and now I can say, I did!

How does Dragons’ Den compare to the real-world investor experience?

Dragons’ Den is about fun and marketing, not finance. In the real world, it’s about more than just your story and your product. It’s a deep dive into your business case, your research, your competitors, your growth — all those factors. It takes a long time. For the show, I spoke to the Dragons for almost an hour, which was edited down to five-six minutes. In the real world of business, a deal with a venture capitalist is not a decision you make in a split second. When you bring someone in it’s like an arranged marriage. It’s a business relationship that’s more important than any other.

What advice do you give people considering going on the show?

I tell people to remember it’s reality TV, not reality. Everybody there has a job to do. It’s about creating an entertaining show, not being the next leg up for your business. At the same time, the power of media in reaching people is huge. If you get the opportunity, never pass it up! But don't walk in thinking it will explode your business.





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