We know that every decision we make has a huge impact, especially when it comes to packaging and waste. Here’s a primer on what we think about when it comes to packaging and why it matters:


Every member of the Satya product family is made of top quality, durable materials, that can be refilled with our compostable refill pouch.


Glass is a sustainable way to store Satya. It’s durable, so you can reuse it indefinitely, and glass is one of the few materials can be recycled near endlessly without losing quality.


Our compostable refill pouch is made from 100% compostable GMO-free corn and woodfibre. Refill any and all of your Satya containers, support the environment AND save money on shipping.


Since the beginning, we’ve used paper packaging that’s made from 100% recycled materials and printed with veggie and soy-based inks.


We know that no matter what materials we choose for packaging, the transportation of ingredients and products still has a huge impact on the environment. That’s one reason we purchase carbon offsets, making us completely carbon neutral, with our friends at the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Rainforest Initiative!


When we do need to choose plastic for our packaging (like with the Satya stick), we chose heavy duty, durable, plastics so you can refill them and keep using them for many years. Plus, we’ve partnered with the Plastic Bank to offset this plastic use.

The Plastic Bank is a Canada-based social enterprise that puts a price on something we all use, abuse and throw away.

Through a network of volunteers and employees around the world, the Plastic Bank provides work opportunities for people living in our coastal communities that involves cleaning up plastic waste from the ocean. People living in poverty collect throwaway plastic from sensitive waterways and exchange it for credit toward social services at local plastic depots. To do this, Plastic Bank has created digital tokens. Using blockchain technology, people earn tokens for the plastic they collect, which can then be used toward necessities like healthcare coverage or school tuition, reducing the risk of loss or theft. The plastic collected is then recycled into new materials, further extending its value.

Our partnership with the plastic bank means that for every Satya stick you purchase, you’re helping pay someone in our developing coastal regions to harvest plastic from waterways and prevent them from getting into the ocean!