Save plastic, greenhouse gas emissions, and money with Satya’s compostable refill pouch! Refill your stick or jar with Satya’s 100% compostable, refill pouch at home!

Compostable Satya Refill Pouch


Reduce plastic use, greenhouse gas emissions, and shipping costs with Satya refill pouches.

These pouches can be used to refill your Satya stick, jar, or tin, or you can fill whatever container you like!

The pouches are 100% compostable and they are lighter and cheaper to ship.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Squeeze pouch contents into jar, then melt in hot water or microwave. See melting instructions on pouch. (Do not place the pouch directly in hot water).

2. Twist your empty stick back down to the bottom.

3. Fill it with the melted Satya from the top (careful, it will be hot).

4. Let cool.

5. Resume slathering your skin in Satya!