Satya Stick


What is Satya?

Satya is all-natural relief from dry and irritated skin. Originally created to relieve eczema, customers found many uses for Satya such as relieving chapped lips, burns, moisturizing hands and feet, for cuticle care, & much more! Satya has been proven to retain moisture, reduce flaking, cracking, roughness and restore suppleness to dry, damaged skin.

Save Money and the Planet

With the launch of the Satya Stick, we are also announcing our partnership with the Plastic Bank, and every purchase of the stick helps pull plastic from global waterways while fighting poverty at the same time. Since the stick is lighter than the Satya jar, the stick is also helping reduce our carbon footprint. Satya also works with the Great Bear initiative and is a carbon neutral company.

The Stick is Refillable!

Just like the other members of the Satya family, the Stick is refillable with our 100% compostable pouch. The stick comes with an interior dome lid that helps to reshape the product into a smooth stick that can be refilled from the bottom.


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