Why Satya is not a Cream

Why Satya is NOT a cream

Many of us are used to using a “cream” or “moisturizer” to hydrate our skin.

But are they really moisturizing?

The truth is, creams and moisturizers contain ingredients that can actually dry out your skin even more: Water, alcohol and mineral oils (petroleum-based chemicals)

Water, or “aqua,” is often used as a primary ingredient because it’s an excellent solvent, meaning it helps distribute the other ingredients. It also acts as a filler, handy for products that encourage us to “apply liberally” (how many pumps of moisturizer or body cream do you need to cover your whole body?)

The problem is, water is a living substance that can grow organisms like mould. And the LAST thing we want in a skin care product is bacteria and fungi!

To combat this natural process, manufacturiers add preservatives and alcohols to kill off any organisms. But for those of us with sensitive skin like eczema, acne and psoriasis, these additives wreak havoc on our skin, drying them out even more while further triggering irritation and inflammation in a vicious cycle.

Satya is completely free of ANY fillers like water, alcohol or preservatives. Instead, Satya is made of just five simple organic ingredients, including two high quality (and sensitive skin friendly) oils: jojoba and sweet almond oil. Unlike water, oils actually lubricate your skin, stimulating the balanced production and flow of sebum, the skin’s natural barrier.

Not all oils are created equal. Some, like coconut oil and olive oil, stay on the surface of the skin, so you're left feeling greasy. They can also clog pores. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are more expensive, but they mimic the natural oils in the skin, and are easily absorbed. That makes them ideal for dry, irritated skin that desperately needs deep, sustaining hydration.

All of this means that Satya is MORE than a moisturizer. Satya is thoughtful, loving skin care designed with only the most delicate skin in mind. With only five, natural and intentional ingredients, your skin is getting nothing but the best. And remember, a little bit goes a long way. When it comes to Satya, less is more. No pumps necessary!



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