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Eco-Strips Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner (Lemon Fresh) - 8 Strips by Tru Earth

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Tru Earth's Multi-Surface Cleaner strips contain all the cleaning power of big brand multi-surface cleaner, but with none of the water, and none of the plastic. Just toss a strip in a spray bottle, add hot water, and shake. No more single-use plastic cleaning bottles!


Add a strip to your existing spray bottle, add hot water and shake! Toss half a strip to clean your toilet, or throw in a bucket or the sink for mopping.

Additional Info:

8 Stripes = 2L of solution

  • Each strip creates 250ml (8.5oz) of ultra-concentrated cleaning solution
  • Disinfecting cleaning power kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses
  • Zero-waste compostable packaging
  • Lemon fresh scent
  • Helps keep 2.5 billion plastic cleaning bottles out of landfills per year

Active Ingredients: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 2.97 % W/W, Chlorure dalkyldimҩthylbenzylammonium 2,97 % W/W.