5 Of Your Most Creative Uses For Satya

Posted by Lauren Kaljur on

Satya may only have 5 ingredients, but the uses are endless! Since there’s nothing we love more than hearing from you about how to use Satya, we asked for your most creative uses on Instagram. Here are some of the ones we loved most.

1. Puppy Paws

Jessamyn H. says she uses Satya for her puppy’s dry paws.

2. Puffy Eyes 

Heather S, says “I could just soak in a huge pool of #SatyaOrganic I use it for eczema.dry skin.. puffy eyes.. lips.. scalp.. hair. My son uses it for acne and dry lips. Even up our noses !! #sosoothing”

3. Ear Piercings & Tattoos 

Petrina B. says “I use it on the skin under my rings as all the handwashing/sanitizer is drying [email protected] out, in between my toes after being at the beach and on my ear piercings to keep them healthy.” And Khime L. says they use it to moisturize tattoos!

4. Blisters 

Felicity says she uses Satya to relieve itchy bug bites and blisters!

5. Hair & Scalp
    Tanvi T. said she uses Satya as a hair mask, and Tamara N. said she uses it for itchy scalp AND fly aways!

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