How to Properly Store Your Skincare Products

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An essential consideration of a natural skincare routine is proper skincare storage! At Satya, we use five simple, organic ingredients in our signature miracle formula. All Satya products are free from steroids, fragrances, gluten, and parabens. Satya has always been (and will always remain) 100% natural – safe for you and the planet. Because of our commitment to the purest ingredients, Satya does not contain ANY preservatives and does have a shelf life. Not to worry! Here are some pro tips for how to properly store and extend the life of your skincare products.

Proper Skincare Storage 

(Adapted from How to store your makeup products correctly & make them last longer | Vogue India and Read the Instructions to Buy Skincare Products)

  • Beat the Heat – Like most people, the bathroom may be your go-to for skincare storage. Hygiene products are generally applied in this space and are often stored in close proximity. Unfortunately, the bathroom is not the ideal location for storage. Natural skincare products should be safeguarded against direct exposure to sunlight and extreme heat. High temperatures and humidity resulting from hot baths or showers can eventually lead to mold and bacterial growth in many skincare products. Beat the heat and choose a more bacteria-friendly home for natural skincare!
  • Ditch the Shelf – Although we often refer to the shelf life of a product, skincare is best stored inside a drawer or another cool, dark space. This environment protects natural ingredients from sun exposure, eliminating the risk of splitting and oxidation that can compromise the product formula. To extend the life of natural skincare, it is best to store products at room temperature and below. Ditch the open shelf in favour of more enclosed, protective skincare storage
  • Keep it Cool – Searching for the ultimate skincare storage? Look no further than your kitchen. The refrigerator is a perfect spot to house your skincare products. If you’d like your Satya to last a long time, simply keep it in the fridge! In fact, you might want to consider purchasing a small beauty fridge for skincare storage. When it comes to natural skincare like Satya, keep it cool!

 Proper storage can become an effective part of your natural skincare routine. All it takes is a little time and consideration to select the best storage for the best skincare product. Trust Satya to deliver fast-acting results that will outlast the competition. Naturally. 


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