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"I used to have hands so dry they would bleed and I would use skin glue to seal them shut to get through a shift!" says Nancy Andrews, a registered practical nurse in Ontario who, like many, suffers from dry, stressed skin. With the additional sanitation procedures and personal protective gear like masks and gloves, her hands were causing her excruciating pain — until her friend gave her Satya.

"Since starting with Satya Organic, I am glue and blood-free! I also love that I can put a travel tin in my pocket, it works well." She says that her nursing essentials in the pandemic are simple: gloves, mask, Satya.


Between the tireless hand-washing, stress and long hours, nurses aren't the only workers in need of skin support right now. From grocery clerks to paramedics, countless people are suffering from dry, irritated skin. “Washing my hands constantly has been hell on my skin,”  says Teyotsihstokwathe Dakota Brant, a firefighter and member of Mohawk First Nation. “Satya Organic has been my heaven.”

For practical nurse Nancy Andrews, the benefits since using Satya are even greater than she imagined. "I don’t have to suffer the sting from sanitizer every time I clean my hands or worry about infection through openings in my fingers. Since using Satya, I have gained my fingerprints back... I have been unable to use any biometrics for years and I am able to use them again!"


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We had no idea Satya Organic would prove essential on the front lines. To help temporarily protect and relieve the hands of our frontline workers, we've been delivering cases of Satya to local hospitals.


The staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital were thrilled to receive the gift of Satya Organic. Many are already Satya fans, like the emergency room nurse who was raving about us!


These two health heroes use Satya Organic and love it! Do you have a front line Satya story to share? Email us your story at [email protected].

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