Try ‘Hand Slugging’ with Satya: TikTok Trend Goes Viral!

Posted by Sophie Brand on

In case you’re not familiar with the latest TikTok trend to go viral, ‘hand slugging’ is a treatment that will moisturize hands overnight. That’s right! You simply go to sleep and wake up with softer, smoother skin – multi-tasking made easy. Sound enticing?! 

There are different ways to try ‘hand slugging’ at home. One popular method involves applying hydration serums and creams to dampen hands before coating them in Vaseline. Socks are then worn over hands to lock in the moisture. Other treatments make use of exfoliating acids and petroleum jelly. The combinations are endless. It may not lead to a romantic evening with your significant other, but the results are sure to impress. ‘Hand slugging’ can also help to alleviate symptoms of eczema and other skin irritants. 

Here’s our recipe for a dramatic skin transformation using organic, plant-based products, free of steroids and other harsh chemicals. 

The Satya Solution

  • Instead of using hydration serums or exfoliating acids, we recommend that you try the Eczema Jar to dampen your hands. Even those without eczema will benefit from the soothing properties of this all-natural formula. Just scoop out Satya and apply it generously to both hands. The eczema jar can be used as often as you like and is safe for the whole family.
  • Now it’s time to apply hand lotion. Our skincare of choice is Oneka’s 100% fragrance-free and unscented lotion. This full-body moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin. 
  • The final ingredient is good, old-fashioned Vaseline. Like Satya products, Vaseline can be applied in large quantities without causing damage to the skin.
  • Once you’ve prepared the hand treatment, an occlusive agent is needed. Socks, mittens, oven mitts…any number of household items can be used to create a successful barrier. While washroom breaks may complicate the process, you’re now on your way to silkier skin.
  • All that’s left to do is sleep and wake-up the next morning. And voila! Your hands are back in action - ready to shake, hold, or high-five with the best of them.
  • For maximum results, use ‘hand slugging’ periodically to soften skin over time. Satya can still be used between treatments to help manage the symptoms of eczema and other skin irritations. So, what are you waiting for? Try Satya and give your hands the TLC they deserve!

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