KelownaNow: Another Reason to Shop Local this Holiday Season

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Original article posted on Dec 29, 2021 at 2:00pm. Read it here.

The true joy of the holiday season is bringing joy to others. Whether you like to give back to the community, help someone in need or bring a smile to a friend’s face, you can do all three when you shop local!

It has been a trying couple of years for small businesses; yet, despite the pandemic, weather events and shortages, local entrepreneurs are resolute in their support for their communities.

So where can you find new gems in your community and throughout BC?

The #WEshopBC Virtual Pop-Up Shop is an initiative of WeBC, a local not-for-profit that supports women entrepreneurs. The Pop-Up makes it easy for people all over the province to find and support local, women-owned businesses - many of which give back to their communities in turn.

“Local businesses are the heart of our communities and their success is vital for our local economy to remain vibrant and thriving!” says Patrice Mousseau, Owner & CEO of Satya Organic Skin Care, one of the over 550 businesses listed at #WEshopBC. “When you support local, you're directly supporting real friends and families.”

What better way to shop this holiday season than to buy from local women entrepreneurs.



Satya Organic Skin Care, Coquitlam

Satya Organic Skin Care delivers all-natural, proven effective eczema relief that's backed by science. Formulated with only simple, USDA Certified Organic ingredients, Satya effectively soothes and relieves all forms of eczema and everyday skin stress — without the use of steroids or harsh chemicals.

In addition to being a carbon and plastic neutral business, Satya is passionate about providing year-round support to the Clan Mothers Healing Village, a collective providing mid-term and long-term care to women who have been victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking. Satya is honoured to be a donor to the collective, doing incredible work for Indigenous women in their community.


“When you’re an Indigenous business owner, the thought of community is inherent. I believe ‘community care’ and supporting one another is a natural source of strength. When you have a cheerleading squad behind you, and when you can share that same level of energy being a cheerleader for other entrepreneurs in your community, that's when great things can really happen.”

- Patrice Mousseau, Owner & CEO of Satya Organic Skin Care

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