Whispers of Wisdom: Mothers know best, but will the rest? - A CHATTER THAT MATTERS Podcast Special

Whispers of Wisdom: Mothers know best, but will the rest? - A CHATTER THAT MATTERS Podcast Special

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Patrice Mousseau, First Nations, single Mom, watching her eight-month-old daughter scratch her arms and legs until they were bloody. The only prescription the Doctor offered to help with her daughter's eczema was a steroid cream, something Patrice didn’t want to do. So Patrice researched and identified five natural and organic ingredients that could help. Her research proved right and within two days her daughter was cured and as it turns out she wasn’t the only beneficiary. 

Word of mouth, then a farmers market and fast forward to today and 800 stores sell Satya Organic Skin Cream. Patrice is just getting started. 20% of children suffer from eczema, and the numbers from adults aren’t far beyond. How big can Patrice’s business get? She is already doing deals in Hong Kong and the USA. Can Patrice manage her growth?

To help answer that question three experts weigh in. Vicki Saunders, the founder of SheEO who is one of the most impressive individuals I have ever chatted with. When you learn about their approach to empowering women and capitalism you will have renewed faith in #radicalgenerosity and collective wisdom. Vicki offers so much in terms of what it takes to build a business. From RBC we have Devinder Gill who is swept up in Patrice’s story, but also offers some sage advice on how to scale. Corby Fine, one of our thought leaders from Season One returns and puts his big digital brain to work on her business. He gets straight to the point to point Patrice in the right direction.

Every small business owner, aspiring #entrepreneur, anyone dealing with the confines of a gig economy, or wanting to dream and do will benefit from this episode.  A Mom doing what she can to keep her daughter from suffering. From farmer markets to800 retailers to knocking at the door of global markets. This is a true and telling tale of against all odds, but beating those odds with institution, insights, and the incredible SheEO platform to stand on.

Chatter that Mattes is presented by RBC.

A crockpot solution  (01:10)
Patrice’s daughter, only 8 months old developed eczema. With no alternative treatments, except steroid cream, Patrice seeks for an alternative. Researching both traditional and academic sources, she decides to make her own treatment…in her crockpot! It worked. Patrice was onto something.

Community matters  (02:32)
Growing up in a small town in Northwest Ontario, and being part of the Anishinaabe Nation, provided Patrice with a strong sense of community. This held her in good stead as she battled and overcame alcoholism, eventually finding her feet to establishing herself as a successful broadcast journalist at CBC and APTN However, Patrice it not fulfilled and moves on.

From local to global  (06:42)
Making her first sale at a local farmers market, Patrice is ecstatic and gets her product certified organic and approved by Health Canada. Satya is launched. Getting her product onto the shelf was her next step. Starting with a “no” at the first local store she approached, Patrice's’ eczema product is now in over 800 stores and has a partnership in Hong Kong. Satya’s growth has relied mostly on word-of-mouth but it’s now time to step this up a level or two. Patrice looks to our three experts for their advice.

Advice to grow  (10:06)
Corby Fine, VP Digital at goeasy - Patrice needs to “dial-up” her communication on why the product matters, why her product is the best for the consumer. It’s a great product, make sure your communications bring this the fore. Devinder Gill, Regional VP, RBC Business Financial Services - sometimes you have to look back to go forwards. Getting clarity on Patrice's global ambitions would be a great place to start. Vicki Saunders, CEO of SheEO - don’t focus on too many things at once; focus on what’s directly in front of you and remember to breathe.

My closing thoughts - Patrice’s North Star  (25:40)
In spite of her success, Patrice has never lost her North Star, always remaining true to her purpose. Caring about those who suffer from eczema and the planet, Patrice is striving to expand her business globally, never feeling disadvantaged by her circumstances. The DNA of a true entrepreneur.


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