IWD 2021: Change Starts With Choice — What Will You Choose?

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This #InternationalWomensDay, what will you choose?

Change starts with choice.  

At Satya, this is where it all began, with a choice to do what was right.

Before founding Satya, Patrice had a successful career as a radio and television host, news anchor and journalist. She chose journalism as part of a personal vision to affect positive change. It was this same goal that led her choose a non-toxic, fragrance free, and environmentally sustainable alternative for her child’s eczema rather than simply accepting the chemicals prescribed by her doctor.  

After creating the first batch of Satya in a $15 crockpot bought used from Facebook marketplace, Patrice soon found herself creating more and more batches for friends and members of her local Mom and Babies group. Some would drive as far as 1-2 hours to pick up a batch from Patrice’s kitchen window! Still, Patrice did not think about turning her popular anti-inflammatory cream into a business until she was invited to attend Social Venture Institute Women conference in Vancouver.  

It was at SVI that she met numerous women who were running successful businesses with integrity. They were doing business in a way that Patrice hadn’t seen before, a type of business that was not harmful to the environment, or to anyone. These women were choosing to run businesses that promoted positivity rather than greed. This discovery transformed Patrice’s view of business and inspired her to see it as an opportunity create the type of change that she wanted to see in society. Soon after, Satya Organic was born. 

For better or worse, our choices define us. We can choose to do what has always been done or we can choose to take the sometimes difficult actions that create positive change. 

Satya Organic was born through innovation, in-depth research, exploration, and a dedication to something better. Patrice did not accept the options that were given to her when her daughter struggled with severe eczema. As a result of her choice, and her willingness to try something different, she discovered the 5 natural ingredients that have been incredibly soothing for her daughter’s skin and for the skin of thousands of people around the world. 

At Satya, our goal is positive changeThis is why Satya is natural, organic, fragrance free and steroid free. It’s why we support charities such as Clan Mothers Healing Village. It’s the reason behind our choice to use refillable and recyclable packaging for our products, and our partnership with The Plastic Bank. 

This is also why we choose to be kind rather than “nice.” Instead of being “agreeable” or “pleasing” or not rocking the boat,” we choose kindness, compassion, generosity and the pursuit of what is right, as these qualities lead to change. The path of kindness is not always easy, but it is better. 

Every day, we are surrounded by opportunities to create positive change through the choices we makeThis Women’s Day, and every day, we are celebrating our founder, Patrice. We are also celebrating every woman in our company, our customers, and the many woman around the world who are actively choosing positive change.  

What will you choose this International Women’s Day? How can you bring about positive change for yourself or others?

How will you lead with #KindnessOverNiceness?

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