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Caregiving Heroes: Satya Organic Thanks You!

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In February, we celebrated love. 

Love for our friends, our partners, our family, and ourselves. But most importantly, love for those who needed it most. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Canada’s long-term and extended care facilities have been hit incredibly hard. The spread of COVID-19 has impacted approximately 42% of Canadian long-term care homes in the past year that makes up nearly 900 facilities that have experienced virus-related outbreaks and deaths among senior residents and staff.

For many of us with parents, grandparents, or family living in extended care, it’s been challenging to say the least. We know the feeling of not being able to see or hold our loved ones for far too long.

Fortunately, we’ve had help from our resilient frontline caregivers to stand in our place. Under long hours and sleepless nights, our long-term care workers have worked tirelessly all year to keep our loved ones safe when we couldn’t. The love and appreciation they deserve is long overdue.

Spread Love, Spread Satya Donation Campaign

This past month, Satya set out on a mission to show Canada’s resilient care-giving heroes how much we love and appreciate them.

On February 1st, Satya put up a donation page on our site that allowed customers to donate a Satya Stick to extended care workers for only ½ price! We set a goal of collecting 100 Satya Sticks donations by February 28th, and if we were able to reach that goal, we made a promise to match every donation 1-to-1.


Goal = Surpassed!

We knew this challenge would be no match for our incredible Satya family and we were right. All month long, our customers did not hesitate to show us the size of their hearts and their radical generosity. For 28 days, we received DOZENS of donations from all over Canada. We’re thrilled to announce that our Satya family donated an astounding 113 Satya Sticks!

And as promised, Satya has matched the donations 1-to-1, bringing the final donation total to 226 Satya Sticks donated to our long-term and extended care heroes in Canada. We really couldn’t have done it without YOU.

Satya Sticks to Long-Term Care in BC and Ontario!

Satya is extremely excited to be donating all 226 Satya Stick donations to the staff and personal care workers of two long-term care facilities in BC and Ontario Capilano Care Centre in West Vancouver and Tabor Manor in St. Catherine’s.

Capilano Care Centre is one of many long-term care homes in the BC north shore devastated by a serious COVID-19 outbreak this past year. Today, fifty residents and 66 staff have now recovered from the virus due to regular testing procedures and exceptional staff support. Radiant Care Tabor Manor is also among the ⅓ of long-term care homes in Ontario impacted by a severe COVID-19 outbreak within their facilities. Fortunately, Tabor was able to declare an official end to their outbreak due to the tireless efforts of Tabor’s dedicated caregiving team, with the majority of residents having received their vaccinations earlier this year.

On behalf of all of our Satya donors, we’re honoured to be delivering some much-needed skin relief to our heroes at Capilano and Tabor Manor. Photos from staff to come!

Satya Proves Essential to Essential Workers

Satya is a Health Canada, NPN-approved skin relief that soothes and restores all forms of stressed-out skin. Made from only simple ingredients and absolutely no steroids, fragrance or preservatives, Satya is gentle enough for use on the entire body including on the lips and around the eyes. 

During this global pandemic, Satya has become a skin essential for nurses, doctors, paramedics and grocery clerks, providing temporary protection and relief for their dry, cracked and overworked hands.


The BIGGEST thank you to all of our generous donors!

Aboubakeur B.

Adrienne N.

Alanah A.

Alena P.

Almeia B.

Arlene K.

Asha M.

Ashraf H.

Barry W.

Bettina B.

Betty M.

Blaire B.

Brandon L.

Brittany M.

Carlos M.S.M.

Cathy N.

Chique M.

Chris A.

Christa V. W.

Daria D.

Debra P.

Diane W.

Dominique B.

Elana W.

Elysia W.

Emily S.G.

Fashid A.

Francois D.

Fred S.

Heather M.

Hedy S.

Jacqueline J.

Jana G.

Janet S.

Janet T.

Jela M.

Jennifer C.

Jennifer D.

Joelle N.

Jordin W.

Josette B.

Judy C.

Julia M.

Kamila S.

Kayla A.

Kelly C.

Kelly S.

Kim E.

Krista S.

Krystal M.

Kyra S.

Laura T.R.

Laurie P.

Linda K.

Lorena V.

Lori O.

Lorilee J.

Lorraine K.

Lyanne K.

Lynne Q.

Mariana M.

Mary P. M.

Meghan S.

Melanie D.S.

Melissa S.

Melissa S.

Michael A.H.

Michael W.

Michelle R.

Milisa B.

Oli C.

Pat M.

Patrick L.

Paul L.

Petra A.

Rob S.

Robin F.

Sally S.

Samita M.

Sarah D.

Senavere D.

Shannon H.

Sharon C.

Sharon J.

Sophie D.

Suzanne K.

Tamara P.

Taomi D.

Traceee G.

Victor T.

Whitney H.

Heartfelt Messages from Donors

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