Announcing the Satya Stick!

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It's finally here!

For years, our loyal fans have been asking for it, and we've delivered. We're thrilled to announce the launch of the NEW reusable twist stick applicator for our signature eczema relief.

Satya’s twist stick is specially designed to glide smoothly over the most dry and sensitive skin, and ensure you and your family are getting exactly the right amount of product, no more, no less. No more fingers in a jar!

At Satya, the northern star is our name, which translates to truth in Sanskrit. We were careful to ensure that the stick is completely refillable, reusable and sustainable, like every member of the Satya eczema relief family. When your stick runs out, simply purchase a Compostable Refill Pouch to refill, and you'll have a brand new twist stick.

We're plastic neutral with the Plastic Bank! 

To deliver the twist stick to you in the most ethical and sustainable way possible, we challenged ourselves to do even better. We're thrilled to announce that every time you buy your Satya stick, you’re helping fight ocean plastics and poverty at the same time, thanks to our special partnership with Plastic Bank.

The Plastic Bank is a Canada-based social enterprise that cleans up plastic waste from the ocean by providing work opportunities for people living in poverty. Through a network of volunteers and employees around the world, the Plastic Bank puts a price on something we all use, abuse and throw away. People living in poverty collect throwaway plastic from sensitive waterways and exchange it for credit toward social services, like education and health care, at local plastic depots. This plastic is then recycled into new materials, further extending its value.
How cool is that?

Here’s a video of the Plastic Bank doing their great work.

How to Refill Your Satya Stick

When customers run out, the stick can be refilled with Satya’s 100% compostable, refill pouch at home.

1. Cut pouch & squeeze product into your jar

2. Melt product in the microwave or in a hot water bath.Be careful! It will be hot

3. Let cool in the jar or pour into two sticks and let cool to set.

4. Compost pouch

Buy your twist stick today and share your results with #SatyaBeforeAndAfter


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