Why Is Oatmeal Great For Your Skin?

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Why Is Oatmeal Great For Your Skin?

Did you know oatmeal, along with being delicious to eat, has significant benefits when applied to your skin? Oat is a grain with many nutritional and health benefits as explored in this article

Can I use oatmeal on my skin?

Oats have long been used as a home remedy for soothing dry, itchy skin. According to this article Oatmeal Benefits For The Skin (Medical News Today), when oats are ground they can work wonders as an exfoliant, moisturizer and even as a cleanser making them an excellent addition to your natural skincare routine.

Oatmeal skin benefits

In this 2018 study it was found that the soothing effects of colloidal oatmeal are effective in treating many skin conditions from simple dry skin to dermatitis and other skin infections.

Benefits include:

  • skin hydration
  • exfoliating
  • cleansing
  • FDA approved for topical application

Oats are often used as an active ingredient in organic beauty products as a soothing and moisturizing agent. If you want to try out the benefits of using oatmeal on your skin in your natural skincare routine try our Calendula Flower Oat Bath.



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