Celebrating Mother Earth

Celebrating Mother Earth

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Today is a very big day. Satya was founded and formulated out of love for Patrice’s daughter Esme, because she didn't want anything but the best on her delicate, eczema-flared skin. Earth Day is all about honouring this same kind of love: Love for our shared mother, Mother Earth.

When Patrice started Satya Organic, she knew the only way she could do it is if love remained a top priority. It's our duty to care for one another, and for our planet. Our skin needs and deserves the best. Our planet does, too. Businesses must share this commitment.

Sustainability at Satya means striving to do better, always, even if it slows us down. We may be small, but we're powerful. We know that being carbon neutral and fighting ocean plastic is a big gift to the planet. We know using only sustainably-sourced, clean ingredients is a gift to our children and our water. We know that using recyclable, ethical materials and offering zero-waste refills for all of our products has a huge impact.

Patrice used to be a journalist in her former life, and researching the best, most sustainable solutions is her passion. Patrice knows that implementing eco-friendly technologies from industry leaders helps ensure her daughter has a healthy planet to live in and share with her own family one day, and that your family does, too.

As a member of the Satya family, we know these values matter to you. From the entire team at Satya, we wish you a wonderful Earth Day. And if you have an idea for something sustainable to bring to Satya, we would love to hear it! Shoot us an email or let us know on social!

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