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Satya Jar

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58 ml

We're working hard to restock our fan-favourite Satya Jar! In the meantime, please use the discount code RESTOCK10 for 10% off a Satya Stick or Satya Refill Pouch.


The Satya Jar delivers Satya’s trusted and proven effective moisturizing formula in a refillable and infinitely-recyclable glass jar. Ideal for your bathroom, desk, or bedside table, it’s a jar of love for the whole family!

Just like every member of the Satya family, the Satya Jar is 100% refillable with our Compostable Refill Pouch.

What is Satya?

More than a moisturizer, Satya Organic is a proven effective topical anti-inflammatory that soothes and restores all kinds of stressed-out skin.

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Renee W.
Canada Canada
Helped with my eczema

I had a case of eczema on my face; itchy, swollen, red and very dry skin so I ordered and started using Satya. Within just 3-4 days my symptoms had completely gone away and my skin was back to normal. I would recommend this product for anyone suffering from any eczema like conditions.

Canada Canada
Miracle cream!!

This cream works exactly as advertised. I've used medicated creams and other natural remedies for the excema around my neck and nothing has worked as fast or as well as Satya. I used it and the excema was gone by the third day after applying only twice a day. Best part is that it also works on just regular dry patches and dry lips. Live that it has so many different uses. My new favourite product!!!

Canada Canada

I'm so glad we tried Satya. My 19 year old daughter has been struggling with rashes on her body. We've tried cortisone to no avail. Now when she flares up, Satya really works. We are very thankful. Love that the whole package is environmentally friendly! Love it!

A Satya Organic Eczema Relief Customer
snir g.
Canada Canada
So so

It’s ok but it dosnt heal it so need to put all the time can use Vaseline for less money

Canada Canada
Definitely worth trying!!!

I have light eczema on my legs, and horrendous psoriasis on my scalp. The psoriasis on my scalp spread to my ears, neck, and after using facial products from an eczema friendly company, to my face. The scales have been horrible and clumps of my hair would come out with the flakes. I had tried using neem shampoo bars and hemp with no effect on the frequency, duration, and severity on it for months with no success. It was to the point that I would buzzcut my hair to make it easier to administer products directly on my scalp. I had used steroidal cream a year or two ago and it was effective, but it caused my scalp to throb in pain and horrible headaches and after I stopped using steroid cream my psoriasis came back worse than ever! I had heard a lot of good things about this company, and love their commitment to bettering the earth and people, so I wanted to give it a shock. I think I got this product 4 days ago...? Within a day, there was a huge difference. By day 4, I had to ask my wife to find psoriasis on my scalp to apply because I could not find any! In the course of my relationship with my wife my scalp has been lumpy and flaky with psoriasis, and it was the first time she could put her hand through my hair with no issue! After so many years of feeling psoriasis as soon as I touch my scalp, it's truly amazing. It isn't effective so far with the eczema on my legs, but that's more than manageable and I'd rather have my psoriasis no longer be an issue after a decade! It seems to dissolve/break down the psoriasis like steroid cream without any of the negative side effects! It's even more effective than steroid cream! And I've barely had to use any! I use my finger nail to scrape a small sliver from the top and spot treat. I usually waits months to review a product just to see if there are any changes, but this is a huge game changer for me! I can't show how much my scalp has recovered because I have too much hair, but I can show how little I have used. Barely any! It's insane!

Satya Organic Eczema Relief Satya Jar Review